A Love Letter to Millennium

Monday, January 11, 2010

We're starting to get down to our last remaining days in San Francisco, which means we're going through a lot of "lasts." Our last beers at Zeitgeist, soon our last trip to Dolores Park, our last brunch at Herbivore. And this weekend, we took our last trip to Millennium.

Tim and I were lucky to be joined by two good friends, both pretty discerning foodies and decided omnivores. One writes the often NSFV (not safe for vegans) blog Beer and Pork and the other is working on soon launching a recipe bookmarking tool at RadCooking.com.

Sometimes I get nervous bringing new people to Millennium because I love it so much. It's like bringing home the new boyfriend to meet the family. Will they be critical or see the flaws I'm obviously blind to?

So I was pleased to hear our friends gushing over their food and drinks as enthusiastically as we always do. I've never had a meal there even bordering on bad. They use bold flavors, unique, fresh ingredients, and serve hearty meals that leave you fully satisfied. They've introduced me to so many new foods, like the Grilled Seitan Yuba Roulade pictured here that I had this weekend. I was first introduced to yuba in my first meal at Millennium in 2006.

It's also where I first tried fiddle-head ferns, stinging nettles, black pepper-infused vodka, endive, huitlacoche, avocado sorbet, all kinds of exotic mushrooms and other amazing vegan delicacies. I've been to Candle 79 and vegan restaurants all over the U.S. and nothing ever compares to a meal at Millennium.

There are lots of things I will miss about living in San Francisco, and Millennium, you are at the top of that list! I bid you goodbye for now - but not forever, because in my heart I know we will meet again.