Miscellaneous Updates

Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's been a while since I've posted here, and a lot has happened! Well, two major things, really. For one, I got a job!

I was beginning to get nervous that employers were shying away from me as an American, because no matter how many times I wrote it (in both my resume and cover letter) there seemed to always be this assumption that I needed sponsorship. Luckily, I don't and was hired for an on-going full-time position. I start April 14th which gives me a nice chunk of time to enjoy Sydney without the pressure of job-hunting, and to spend some time with the kitty who comes home this Sunday!

The extra time also allows me to keep working on my latest project: vegaroo! Basically I've started it to be a hub for all things vegan and Australian. So it's a blog, a restaurant guide (which may look familiar to those of you who've used Veg Table), event listings, and hopefully more.

Right now Tim and I are the sole contributors, but we're hoping to recruit writers from all over the country so that it doesn't become too Sydney-focused. Either that or we need to start travelling, stat!

So what's to become of Vegan@Large? Good question... I sort of hate to abandon the site, but between my blogging on vegaroo and the personal site we've started to stay in touch with friends and family, it's hard to see what topics I might have left to cover here. Recipes maybe? Rants? We shall see.