Famous on the Internet

Monday, July 27, 2009

That's right, Veg Table is hitting the big time, as I'm happy to brag... er... I mean, report that we've already started getting some natural google search traffic. My page rank is still obviously rather low though, so I'm hoping to amp up the PR a little more soon.

In fact, my first interview was published today on the never-not-awesome blog Vegansaurus where I revealed some of my pipe dreams... er... I mean, big plans for the site. (Though technically, she was scooped by my husband's blog, Incrementalism.net which was the first to report on Veg Table.)

Now, before I declare myself Queen of the Internet I guess I should keep in mind that it's not exactly earth-shattering to be blogged about by someone who's legally betrothed to you, and a by a neighbor that you've guest blogged for. So I'll just sit here twiddling my thumbs until all you bloggers I don't know in real life decide to drop me a line.

In the mean time I thought I'd share a story about my previous 15-minutes of internet fame. When I was planning my vegan wedding two years ago I got fed up and bitter about wedding websites out there that set up arbitrary rules about how one is "supposed to" get married. In retaliation to one particularly nauseating website, I launched my own site: TheVom.com. I became cool for literally, about 15 minutes and got to guest post for a superstar in the indie bride community, Offbeat Bride.

My interest in wedding snark amazingly died down after we tied the knot, so TheVom was shut down. But my interest in delicious food and connecting with the vegan community continues to grow, so Vegan@Large is here to stay!