Welcome to Veg Table!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while. There are plenty of restaurant review sites out there, travel sites, vegan guides and blogs. But in planning some trips this summer (since everyone I’ve ever known has decided to get married this year) I find myself constantly having to cross-reference sites to get an accurate picture of vegan restaurant options in the cities I’ll be visiting.

So if for no other reason than my own selfish needs, I started Veg Table to bring a lot of different already existing ideas together, but to also bring in another noticeably absent feature on most travel sites: collaboration. I like the idea of using a wiki so that anyone can contribute. I’m certainly no authority on restaurant reviews, and there are a whole lot of cities I’ve never been to. Why not let the people most familiar with them, tell the story best? (And frankly I’ve grown a little tired of weeding through Yelp reviews that consist of, “I am a blood thirsty carnivore. Vegans are lame and so are their restaurants.”)

Well, now I’ve got Veg Table. I’ve spent a good bit of time organizing it in a way I hope is clear. I’ve laid the foundation and put up the framework. I can envision the home, but it still need walls… and flooring and paint and curtains and bookcases and throw pillows and tealight candelabras that look like tree branches! Maybe I’m going overboard with the house analogy, but the point is, for Veg Table to really feel like a “home” I need your help in contributing the information and details that will help make the site unique and useful.

I look forward to getting to know more members of the ever-growing vegan community, and to building this site with you.