Help Design a Bay Area Vegetarian Restaurant

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My husband and I sometimes talk about the all vegan deli-diner we plan to open someday. There will be all varieties of hash browns made to order, the best tempeh reuben money can buy, and of course my famous black and white cookies, amongst many other things.

I imagine it's a common fantasy for vegans - creating a restaurant that serves all your favorite things, especially those that are hard to come by in vegan form. So I was delighted to come across and ad informing me I could design my own veggie restaurant. Following the link took me to a page for GreenBar: a vegetarian restaurant coming to a Bay Area location near me!

It's just a quick online survey polling for demographics, but you can also write in the dishes you would like to see. If you're comfortable giving up your contact info, you can also enter to win an Amazon gift card for your participation. As if I need further incentive to spout off my opinions on food.

They anticipate that GreenBar will be a "casual fast food" type of joint, though they emphasize high quality. Sounds maybe a bit like Plant Cafe, but hopefully a little cheaper and all veggie, and maybe more conveniently located. (To me! Because I'm not moving in three months or anything.)

So while I probably won't even be here to see this restaurant open, you should let you voice be heard. Power to the vegan people!


Maxie said...

got here via vegansaurus re my 2 cents for the ideal vegan restaurant. copy McDonalds and Burger King. many of us still crave that drive thru easy satisfying small flat burger with mustard and/or ketchup and pickles and onions. The burgers are so light...I'm sure they can be veganly duplicated. It's what we're programmed to want. let's show the McD's et al up and give them some REAL competition without the cruelty.

Maxie said...

p.s. I live in Vallejo where there's real estate that's ridiculously low. Set up here and help put us on the map! We're the perfect geographical location - right in the center of Napa + Fairfield + Benicia + Berkeley + Marin + SF (ferry stop is fr Vallejo waterfront to Embarcadero and back).

Sharon Troy said...

Right on, Maxie! It would be cool to see a variety of veggie burgers (made with various beans, different toppings, etc.) They don't need to be boring!

Also, my hope is that they'll end up being so successful that they open up chains all over the place.

In Sydney (where I am moving to) they have a chain of macrobiotic fast-food cafes called Iku. So it can be done:

the bake easy said...

not sure if you've ever ventured near riverside, ca or redlands, ca but if i were you, i'd seek out a place to live that has both a sizeable vegetarian/vegan community and a large following of seventh day adventists. in redlands there's a place called baker's that makes vegetarian and non-veggie food and everyone goes there #1 because it's local #2 because the food is outstanding and cheap. i'm all for haute-gourmet vegetarian food, but i think we need more fast-food joints, too! love from the midwest (for now) and nyc! best, amy lynn
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