Vegan Bake Sale Wrap-Up

Monday, October 19, 2009

This Saturday was the first official SF Vegan Bake Sale and it was a rousing success! When we did our first bake sale as part of the World Wide event back in June, we raised $3,000 over two days. So imagine our delight when in this one-day event we raised over $2,600! And we helped two kitties get adopted!

One hundred percent of the money earned went to charity - in this case Give Me Shelter cat rescue. We plan to hold an event every other month or so, with the next one falling around holiday time. These bake sales are great on so many levels because not only does it give us a chance to help out struggling nonprofits, but we're getting some truly delicious vegan food out to people who might not try it otherwise, helping to break down the myth that vegan food is bland or gross. As I've said before, that's my favorite kind of activism.

And it helps bring the community together. I met all kinds of kickass bakers, chefs, and just regular folks like me, whipping up cookies for a cause. In some ways I regret taking so long to get involved with the local vegan community in the Bay Area. I lived here for four years and only in the last nine months or so have I started becoming active. It's something I definitely hope to correct when moving to Sydney.
More photos can be found here, and you should also check out the wrap-up on vegansaurus! Thanks to Laura, Karin, and Abby for being amazing co-organizers.

If you came, let me know your favorite goods you tried. What would you love to see being sold next time? I've got to start coming up with ideas of what to bake in December... More savory goods? The Daiya cheese biscuits were one of my favorites.


Mulan said...

Hmm... more cupcakes, baklava, donuts, whoopie pies...not necessarily in that order. :-)
Or maybe there were a lot there this time but the good folks ate it all before I got there!

Sharon Troy said...

Hehe, indeed we had all of those, but they went really quickly - the donuts in particular. Noted, for next time though. Thanks for coming by!

Shannon Michelle said...

Definitely more savory stuff! The donuts were pretty good. An apple fritter would be AMAZING!

meena meena said...

i cant even begin to tell you how many times ive wished i had vegan friends to bake with, but this makes me even more lonely for vegan buddies. a vegan bake sale??!! for KITIES? my heart yearns for a good coupla vegan pallies, as well as a community with an open mind or atleast a willingness to try something new. sadly, im living in my parents pad in a red-necky, white-trashy, fairly ignorant town, and theres basically no hope. it excites me to know, though, that obtaining friends with similar passions as me is possible someday when i bust outta here!

it might sound like im taking this a little too far, but youve just increased my optimism alot!

Sharon Troy said...

Hi Meena, thanks for your comment!

It took me a while to get involved with my local vegan community, but I've found that blogging and connecting with fellow vegans on Twitter has been really helpful. Especially if you don't know any in your town.

Glad to hear our little bake sale inspired you!